Summer Program

The Upward Bound Summer Program offers the largest benefit to our Upward Bound Participants. In the summer program they get to:

  • Live on campus at the Dixie State University Nisson Dorms. Each Upward Bound Participant has one room mate and shares a bathroom with one other room (with two other Upward Bound Participants). This provides a college-like environment for these participants prior to actually attending college full-time.
  • Take 2-3 college courses. The college courses offered vary each year, but the following courses will be offered every summer:
    • English 1010
    • Math 1010 and/or 1050
    • Library 1010
    • CIS 1200
    • Spanish 1010, 1020, or 2010
    • Laboratory Science course (such as Biology 1010  or Chemistry 1010 )
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  • Cultural Learning: Experience all kinds of different activities that Upward Bound offers that summer. Cultural enrichment activities are included every summer.
  • Have the chance to be successful in college. Tutoring services are offered and classes progress is strictly monitored in order to offer any resources/services each Upward Bound Participant may need during the summer.
  • Go on a Final Trip if they receive a “C” grade or better in each of their courses. Final trip destinations vary.
  • Be involved in committees that help accomplish:
    • End of the Summer Yearbook
    • End of the Summer Video
    • Student Advisory (great leadership role for seniors)
    • End of the Summer Final Banquet
  • some of the group at Seaworld