Services Offered

If you are a participant in the Student Support Services program you are eligible to use the services listed below:

Academic Advising

Student Support Services provides an advisor in addition to the major advisor assigned through the academic departments. The advisor meets with students to assess and develop educational plans, review academic progress and provide academic and moral support. Students receive personalized advisement regarding their career/academic goals. SSS advisors assist you in selecting classes and in registering you for these classes. SSS advisors keep a detailed personal file of your progress towards graduation.The SSS advisor is a great resource for up-to-date information regarding college policies and procedures, educational programs and campus and community resources.

Course Selection

Assistance with selecting appropriate courses is available. Students will be able to make informed decisions regarding their class registration after considering prerequisites, college study requirements, degree requirements, class schedules and a good balance of course work.

Major/Career Advising

Assistance is available to help students identify resources available to choose a major and make career decisions considering their interests, talents and resources. For further help go to the DSU Career Services Web site by clicking here.

Academic Tutoring

Upon request and availability, SSS provides quality tutoring in a variety of subjects including math and science. Tutoring may be assigned on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. This tutoring is available without cost to you as an SSS participant. Tutorial services are authorized and arranged by a program advisor.

Tutoring Lab

A tutoring lab is available to all SSS students in the Browning Resource Center. Students can avoid the crowds of large labs by working in the lab designated for Student Support Services participants only. Computers are also available in the lab along with a printer where SSS students can print for free.

Financial Aid Planning

The program staff works with the Financial Aid Office to ensure all Student Support Services participants have been offered sufficient aid, including grants to lessen students’ dependency on loans. Click here to go to the DSU Financial Aid Web site. Click here to see Scholarship List.

Student Graduation Plan

Students work with an SSS advisor to come up with a Student Graduation Plan. This enables students to know which classes they need to take each semester to successfully graduate as quickly as possible. Click here to see the worksheet.


Each month a newsletter is mailed to every SSS student. The newsletter is filled with vital information to assist in academic success. Click here to read Newsletters.

Transfer Information

As you pursue your bachelor’s degree, SSS advisors provide valuable information to make your transfer from Dixie State University to any other institution of higher education go smoothly. SSS also aids you in your future academic plans by providing free campus tours to other Utah colleges and universities.

Smart Start Seminar I and II

(SSC 1001 and SSC 2001) The Smart Start Seminars are one credit courses designed to help students acquire the necessary skills for having a successful college experience. Students analyze their current academic and personal skills and determine the areas in which they would benefit from chances. A combination of in-class activities and outside activities present strategies such as effective note taking, test taking tips, time management, financial aid advisement and literacy, learning styles, finding scholarships more interesting and helpful topics.

Participation Grant

Each semester SSS awards grant money to students who qualify. Students must be active and complete the application on time. Click here for more information.

Semester Grade Check

Each semester students must turn in a Semester Grade Check. This allows SSS Advisors to see how each student is doing. Click here for more information.