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Valerie Housley

Valerie Housley

Valerie Housley began as an Intern with the TRiO program in 2015. She fell in love with the TRiO program and they just couldn’t keep her away. For her Senior Project she developed curriculum for the TRiO Smart Start Courses. After graduation, Valerie volunteered to help with TRiO whenever the opportunity arouse, substituting classes, helping with orientation, and interviewing students for acceptance into the TRiO program. Valerie joined the TRiO full-time this summer and is excited for the opportunity to be a permanent part of the TRiO staff.

Valerie was born and raised in Blanding, UT a small town in south-eastern Utah. She first attended Dixie State in 1987 seeking an Associates of Applied Science degree as a Paralegal. Expecting her first child and enrolled in her final seventeen credits she became ill and had to drop out of school. Valerie spent the next 23 years raising her three children and assisting in running a small business. Valerie considers her greatest accomplishment to be raising three successful, accomplished, children who are all contributing to society in meaningful ways.

With her children almost raised, Valerie returned to Dixie State in 2012 to accomplish her goal of earning a college degree. Valerie graduated from Dixie State University with a B.S. in Human Communication in 2015. She is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Professional Communication at Southern Utah University and will graduate in May 2017.

Valerie is also an adjunct instructor at Dixie State University presently teaching COMM 2110 (Interpersonal Communication), COMM 2120 (Small Group Communication), SSC 001 (Smart Start Seminar), and SSC 2003 (Gear up for Greatness).